How To Manifest Success:  Your 5-Day Reset

“Success is currency. Success is energy. Success has no one right definition. Success has no expiration date. Success is about believing something new about you. Success is about today. Success is a choice not about what you have done or want to do, but about what and who you want to be. Success is about defining your legacy and taking calculated action steps TODAY that turn your intentions into commitments.” – Randi Levin Coaching

This 5-Day reset is about disrupting your definitions and beliefs about success and pressing the reset button on goals and accomplishments. I am going to guide you through 5 strategies, tips, and concrete action steps that will reposition your own success currency so that you are investing in the freedom to redirect intentions and design goals that leverage your legacy and lead you actionably forward in your life. Together we will remove the blind spots so that you can see the next opportunity!

I need for you to be really clear about this complimentary 5 day Facebook Reset. This Challenge is about catching a thief. It is about unearthing a falsehood or lie that has kept you playing small, setting boundaries, and repeating patterns. Find the thief and you set yourself free for unlimited success!

What are you willing to do RIGHT NOW to say YES to redirecting your success and becoming a legend in your own life?

Are you ready to re-adjust your outcomes?

Year after year, you are setting goals, making bucket lists, and promising resolutions of change to yourself only to ditch them along the way. This year, try something different. My How to Manifest Success 5 Day Reset is a quick restart on the entire process of success exposing you to revamped strategies and techniques to make your plans take flight in 2018.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become legendary in his or her own lifetime.

Make a commitment now to join me for this free 5-day event that will turn your intentions into commitments and your thoughts into success!

How To Manifest Success: Your 5-Day Reset

Monday 2/26/18 – Friday 3/2/18

Here is what you will get:

  • Private Facebook group called How To Manifest Success – Your 5-Day Reset that will be your virtual home for the week.
  • A Facebook Live within the private group each day that will highlight strategies and tips and the challenge of the day designed to drive the outcomes you most desire. You can view this LIVE at 9am or as a replay.
  • Insider VIP access to my 5 Reinvention Secrets discussed in depth within the group
  • Open office hours with Randi offered during the event via Zoom
  • Access to Randi within the FB group
  • TBD Surprises and Special Offers
  • Ability to interact with other like minded successful people within the group and extended access to this group prior to and immediately after the challenge
  • Inspiration, motivation, intelligent conversation, and a renewed vantage point on leveraging your limitations and fears and manifesting your intentions into action and success


Is it time for you to stop looking sideways at yesterday and tomorrow and begin looking straight ahead at today?

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