Your Investment In Your Best You!

Years from now, do you want to be able to look back and reflect how this was the year that changed everything for you?

Will this be the year in which you stop thinking about being successful and actually begin living successfully?

People often ask me to explain what coaching does. They want to understand how or why it works. As much as I would like to tell everyone that I have fairy dust to sprinkle, or that I do the work for you– that is simply not the truth. The truth is that coaching is in fact a magical and introspective experience. It is a unique partnership between you and I in which you are asked many, many questions and enticed to think and respond in a way in which you don’t often allow yourself to. Coaching is your permission slip to imagine the unknown, to let go of excuses, and to allow yourself to explore and make decisions about possibilities and opportunities that can literally change your life.

When you change your perspectives…you change!

I take a whole-life approach to coaching you. Which means that the agenda is always yours and we coach together in 360 degrees. What impacts you personally impacts you professionally. When you change your business, this in turn recalibrates your life. Transition is now trendy and chic. One of the biggest growth segments of my coaching practice is with founders and emerging entrepreneurs. I am proud of the successful business that I have built over the past 7 years and I love supporting others in making that a reality as well.

One of life’s greatest transitions is to make the decision to step away from the corporate track, the mommy track, or the job you have known for years, and to venture into starting and successfully running your own business or an entirely different role. Investing in the additional support, expertise, and resources of someone who has done just that herself can save you time and money and can ultimately be the difference between a business that thrives or one that is an epic failure. Working together we will access and tweak the situation so that you are aligned with your brand, balanced in your life, and taking renewed and positive action where you most need to in all aspects of your life.

What is your success really worth?

Now is your new next! Coaching is the very best investment you can make in your own personal growth. It is an investment that keeps on giving because long after your sessions are complete you will have the strategies, tools, and resources to make sound, clear decisions, to take positive action steps, and to impact the legacy and the life you most want to live NOW.


Success Packages:

Living Your Legacy Package: VIP

  • 18 customized and actionable 60-minute power sessions
  • 1 VIP Energy Leadership Assessment and 90-minute debrief session
  • Bonus 30-minute laser coaching call to fine-tune a success strategy
  • Complimentary Personal Success Accelerator System & Bonus Accelerator Session
  • Unlimited text and email backup


Manifesting Success Package: 

  • 9 customized and actionable 60-minute power sessions
  • 1 VIP Energy Leadership Assessment and 90-minute debrief session
  • Unlimited text and email backup


Recalibration Package:    

  • 9 customized and actionable 60-minute sessions


Additional Offerings:

Self-Leadership Strategy Day:

  • Deep-dive hot seat take-action concentration in bold decision-making
  • Carve out next steps and next chapters with action and accountability
  • (3) Consecutive hours 9-12 or 1-4 ET
  • Hours must be booked consecutively in the same day


Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ (ELI):

  • Attitudinal assessment measuring 7 levels of energy/stress: 30-minute assessment taken on-line by you with access to a 90-minute customized debrief session with me
  • Shifts in awareness and perspective that fine-tune transformation and acceptance
  • Strategic insights and new perspectives on fear, limitations, and excuses
  • Identify causes of reactions such as anger, stress, and low energy developing actionable ways for you to bypass what pushes your buttons
  • Concrete action steps you can take to lead in and become a legend in your own life


Gift Certificates: Now is Your New Next Hour

  • (1) 60-minute customized action-oriented success coaching session reframing fear, excuses, and your power of choice and renewal. This is a no-nonsense hour clarifying goal-getting and self-leadership.


Prices Available Upon Request

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