Your Investment In Your Best You!

Years from now, do you want to be able to look back and reflect how 2017 was the year that changed everything for you?

If your answer is yes, then connecting to your core through coaching is a decision that you need to make today!

People are always asking me to explain what coaching does, how does it work? As much as I would like to tell everyone that I have fairy dust to sprinkle, or that I do the work for you– that is simply not the truth. The truth is that coaching is in fact a magical experience. It is a unique partnership between you I in which you are asked many, many questions and enticed to think and respond in a way in which we don’t often allow ourselves to.

Consequently…your solutions come from YOU. It’s your agenda that is fueled by your solutions and accountability not only to you but also to me.

It’s work, hard introspective work. Work that will change your thinking, optimize your choices, and catapult you toward your goals and dreams.

What is reconnecting to yourself really worth?

Often we shift and forget to notice and celebrate those changes. We lose ourselves in the shuffle of everyday. We make forever decisions that don’t last. That is because we are not the same people in our 30’s and 40’s and 50’s and 70’s that we were in our 20’s. My clients make their most meaningful pivots in their lives when they are committed to the choice to change. This is a choice to understand who they are today so that they can embrace the best version of themselves tomorrow.

Have you made that choice? If so, coaching is the very best investment you can make in your own personal growth. It allows you to pause your life and to step away in order to look back in from a different perspective. Coaching is about forward action. This action creates the space for you to create and carve out your own legacy. When we change our thoughts, our actions shift and our lives are refreshed and enriched with possibilities and opportunities


Success Packages and Offerings:

Road Trip:

  • 6 Month GPS Reboot                                                                                 
  • 60-minute sessions meeting three times per month
  • (2) 30-minute bonus calls      
  • ELI Assessment & 90-minute debrief                                                           
  • Unlimited email & text backup
  • Bonus VIP access to The Reinvention Summit-The Audio Collection 


Set Your GPS:

  • 3 Months GPS Reboot                                                                       
  • 60-minute sessions meeting three times per month                                                   
  • ELI Assessment & 90-minute debrief
  • Unlimited email & text back up
  • Bonus VIP access Reinvention Summit-The Audio Collection


Creating What’s Next:

  • 6 Months to Growth, Purpose & Success                                                 
  • 60-minute sessions meeting three times per month                                         


Curating Legacy:

  • 3 Months to Growth, Purpose & Success                                                     
  • 60-minute sessions meeting three times per month                                  


VIP Days:  

  • 4-hour intensive to deep dive into legacy & renewal                         
  • Can be broken down into (2) 2-hour sessions


Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI):

  • Measure 7 levels of energy/stress with this attitudinal assessment            
  • Power tool for increasing energy/awareness and decreasing stress
  • Strategic insights in regard to leading in your life
  • 90-minute debrief intensive


Hour of Power: 

  • One time only offer to fall in love with coaching                                             
  • Additional add-on session to any package


The Reinvention Summit-The Audio Collection:                                                                       

  • 5-hour audio on demand workshop with worksheets
  • Based on my Signature GPS Coaching System


      ~ Build awareness and gain clarity that lasts a lifetime
      ~ Acquire strategies and tools that help to shift perspectives
      ~ Refresh your sense of purpose and reposition your energy
      ~ Create new habits that stick
      ~ Forge a closer relationship with yourself and others
      ~ Reduce stress and gain accountability
      ~ Permission to make decisions and take action on them
      ~ Fear “less”
      ~ Direct and hone your legacy



Prices available upon request.