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“As a coach myself, I work with many women who suffer from impostor syndrome and of course, I still suffer from it when I go into companies to do trainings etc. Thank you for giving me the opportunity at your impostor syndrome workshop to reflect on my own growth. I think the most impactful message for me was thinking through the process I use when I notice impostor syndrome creep up. It was a great moment of introspection and it felt good to realize I do have a process and that I do notice it and utilize it. We know that this (awareness) is the first step to being able to change!” ~ Dominique Mas, Personal & Performance Coach 


“Randi is a fireball that delivers impact as a speaker. She inspired me so much I had her on my Wonder Women in Business Podcast because she really is a Wonder Woman! I’ve asked Randi to be a speaker at my next Brand You Conference. She brings it!” ~ Jasmine Sandler, Digital Marketing Advisor


“I just want to tell to that you inspire me every day. As a recent IPEC graduate I am struggling to create my business. It can get me down at times. I remember meeting you at WEN a while back, and I loved your presentation. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that you have made an impact on me. We are not always fortunate enough to know for sure that we have touched the lives of others. I just want you to know that you have touched mine.” ~ Sonya Bell-Jordan CPC


“For the launch of PowHER Network, Randi creatively led an audience of women entrepreneurs thorough an action plan for personal goal setting. Her guided “PowHer of Change” exercise removed the obvious objectives of business–minded women to help unveil each individual’s deeper meaning for “quality of life.” Randi’s unique approach and personal journey serves as an inspiration to empower women. Through her public speaking and as a contributor for Ridgewood Moms, Randi continues to shift our thinking towards living a more fulfilling and purposeful life.” ~ Jennifer Marchetti, Founder, Ridgewood Moms and PowHER Network


“Randi Levin is an impassioned speaker whose WEN presentation, From Setback To Success; Pressing the Reset Button This Holiday Season and Beyond, was relatable, uplifting, and enlightening. Her style is welcoming, making your time with her even more captivating. Randi, along with co-presenter Tova Gold, left me feeling inspired, and I took away many valuable life lessons on moving ahead.” ~ Samantha Plotino Emery, Mission Based Coordinator YWCA Bergen County


“Randi, I just wanted to let you know that I thought your presentation this morning was wonderful! It was inspiring, informative and had great takeaways. I’m sure it was helpful to every woman in the room, including myself. You’re a terrific presenter!” ~ Z.H. Managing Partner, Upside Media & Marketing


“You radiate reinvention! The inspirational coaching tips you shared during your talk offered small, simple steps with HUGE impact. Your 4-step approach for individuals to create their vision was quite powerful.” ~E.M. President Interim Healthcare


“Randi Levin is such an engaging and inspirational speaker that we felt lucky to have her on our stage for our Nonprofit, Sunset 2 Sunrise, September 14th Launch Party. Her keynote truly resonated with our audience.  In fact, what sets Randi apart from other speakers and what impressed us the most was her willingness to get to know the organization. Her customization of the presentation to the audience truly made the difference.  Weeks later we are still hearing guests that were present recite and speak about the key components of her presentation. Randi proved herself as the consummate professional and as an expert transitional coach. Her message is entertaining, high energy, motivational, and truly powerful. She truly motivates you to stop, analyze and change. The icing on the cake was that she didn’t just send the guests home with a message but equipped them with useful tips and tools to make lasting positive changes in their lives. All of this was done in her amazingly engaging style. She is a true inspiration, wonderful human being, and we were all touched by her warmth and passion for positive change.!” ~ Helen Dukhan Pollak



“I really enjoyed and benefitted from my work with Randi. She helped me crystallize what I needed to focus on in order to move my business to the next level. She also helped me recognize the importance of focusing on myself. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to take action on improving his or her life.” ~ Renu Vitale


“Randi is an amazing life coach!!! I highly recommend her and appreciate all of her help and ideas tremendously. 2019 is going to be a fantastic year in part because of her guidance.” ~Nicole Ferrentino, Keller Williams Town Life


“Randi Levin is a brilliant coach in the areas of life, business and leadership coaching. She is “no-nonsense” and gets quickly to the core issues that need addressing so no time is wasted. She helped me to gain clarity on what I needed to do to get rid of old behavior patterns by taking action every day and creating a wave of momentum to ride to a bigger and brighter future. I highly recommend her, especially if you are on a fast track and are open minded. Her unique intuitive ability is spot on and she has a gift to help you look at things in a new way.” ~T. Schilizzi, Senior Financial Associate SS & C Technologies


“Thankful that I was blessed to work with you. You assisted me in straightening out the dents and bends in my business. You truly helped me to “bridge” the gap between what I thought I wanted and what were in reality my non-negotiables!” ~Addrianna Montalvo-Andujar


“When I started my coaching experience with Randi Levin, I was looking for practical advice on how to handle a series of life changes and career challenges that had me feeling stuck.  Working with Randi has made such a difference!  I was very motivated by her unique and dynamic approach, which got right to the heart of where I was, how I got there, and what I needed to do in order to move forward.  We quickly achieved a strong connection, so I was sure she understood what I was going through and I knew she really wanted to help.  I was soon able to make real progress through her exercises, one-on-one sessions, and responding to her many questions.  The whole process felt very genuine and true, and it was also fun!  Again and again, she came through with inspiring insights and examples, leading the way.  At the same time, it was also very clear that this was my process; that I am the driver of my own life and the keys to the future are in my hands.  Randi’s approach is refreshing and effective, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.” ~Kenneth F. Peshkin, B.A., M.A., M.A.T., J.D.


“I have had the great pleasure of working one-on-one with Randi Levin. Our conversations were terrific! Randi has a gift for keeping me focused on priorities. She helped me see what was standing in my way and what steps I needed to take to accomplish my goals. Randi is a great listener. She hears not only my words, but also my heart’s desires. She genuinely cares about my success. It is incredibly refreshing to have someone like her in my corner. You will be in great hands if you work with her!” ~J. Johnson


“I just wanted to say thank you. The time spent with you helped me to clarify the obstacles that blinded my vision and my perspective for so long. This clarification helped me to change the way I looked at things.  It allowed me to be able to breath and be calmer and to accept all the little surprises that may not always be good news in my life. They now do not seem so bad after all. I am sure I can handle the obstacles that were upsetting me before. Understanding that you do not have to tolerant what you don’t like and that you have a choice to let go and accept that this is life. There are things that may not always be as I vision them, or be up to my standards, but I can accept them and respond to them appropriately. It is okay to change my view about them and it is okay that instead of going “crazy” I can just accept and understand them and not let them get in my way.” ~Z.S.


“What inspired me about coaching with Randi?

I first heard Randi speak at our local library where she had the audience do an exercise to visualize how we spend our time versus how we would like to spend our time in a 24- hour day. Based on my results, I decided I could benefit from a coach! I signed up for a 60-minute session with Randi that consisted of a conversation about myself, my happiness, my work, my leisure time, etc.  Interestingly, I found myself having difficulty answering some pretty basic questions, which made it clear that I was stuck in my life. In realizing this, I bought myself a birthday gift, a package of coaching sessions!  It proved to be one of the most valuable gifts and one that keeps on giving.

In one of our first meetings, I clarified what is important to me through a values exercise.  We used the information throughout my sessions as an easily accessible tool to remind me of who I am. Randi also challenged me to imagine, pretend and describe things that I would like to do or have. I could think about how something would actually feel, look, and smell (new kitchen, lake house, new goal).  This exercise taught me to stop putting up barriers, consciously and unconsciously. Instead, I could now start with an idea, try it on for size and investigate possibilities.

Like many professionals, I am a lifelong perfectionist. I discovered that this trait was no longer beneficial; in fact it was paralyzing me. Some of the coaching sessions were spent working on letting go of perfection. Applying this option allowed me to move forward with projects and everyday tasks with less angst and more productivity. It also empowered me to consider options that I would not have normally thought about. These options would open up more possible starting points. Through an Energy Leadership Index Assessment, I learned how I use my energy and respond to stress in my life. With this information, I can now recognize when I am in a state that is draining my energy and then shift my thinking. These subtle, but powerful shifts in my thinking allow me to reconnect with who I am at this stage of my life. My coaching sessions continue to inspire me to not only dream, but to start with the first step to grow toward that dream.” ~Dr. Kristie Gannon DVM


“Before Randi, I felt stuck in both my personal and professional lives. I could see how it could be better, and how others could live happy, fulfilling lives, but I couldn’t make it happen for myself. Randi’s coaching sessions consistently provided fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of my life situation. I became clearly aware of where I was and where I really wanted to go as well as the steps to get there. In just a few months, my stress level dropped and my overall personal and professional life satisfaction grew by leaps and bounds. I can’t thank her enough!” ~L.H. CPA


“I think one of my favorite coaching moments with Randi was when we did the ELI and broke down my scores to help me to see when in my life I go from functioning like a champ, to dysfunctional. I feel confident recommending Randi because I’ve gone through some significant breakthroughs in our sessions together. I recognize that the questions she asked and the discussions we had, helped guide me in decision-making and in building renewed confidence both in my business and personal life. I began to see things with fresh eyes, new perspective and an overall accountability for my own efforts to make myself happier and healthier.” ~Kristine, Owner K-Deer


“Thank you for coaching my mom. The results were amazing and really turned our relationship around in many ways. Before you, I was almost a child of divorce.
Working with you, my mother was able to learn strategies and ways to connect to understanding and creating the life she most wants to live now. Renewed clarity and perspective empowered my mom to not only grow as a woman, it enabled her to accept more and to redefine what is important within our family and in her business as well. The results are spectacular. Thank you Randi!” 
~O.S.- Sales Assistant U.S. Polo Assoc.



“Randi Levin you are truly an inspiration!!!! I love the idea of creating your legacy and feel so lucky to have been and continue to be privy to your knowledge, expertise and support in getting Sunset 2 Sunrise off the ground! I I have totally come to understand how much value you bring to the table in guiding people to create their own legacy!” ~Helen Dukhan Pollak


“Your article was wonderful, actually pretty spectacular advice; thank you so much for sharing it! You are really an inspiration…you are a walking advertisement for the power of transformation and making of your life what you want it to be.” ~Cantor Regina Lambert-Hayut


Recent Testimonials from Participants in Recoloring Life Workshops:

“Randi, you are amazing at what you do and I have been telling everyone about your time exercise! I just want to thank you for your Recoloring Time Workshop that I attended. I have 3 little boys under the age of 6 and I had been searching for a way to really connect with them and to use my time effectively in doing so. After this workshop, I had one of those “ah ha” moments. One of my boys discovered “my” coloring book after the workshop and wanted to color in it. I would usually have said, “Yes, go ahead,” and then done something else while he colored. This time, I suggested that we color together and he LOVED it. He was calm and we were both so focused and easily communicating. Tonight, all 3 boys, and even my husband were coloring with me! We were talking about school, friends, and even girls! I could not believe that something as simple as coloring could have us carve out such valuable family time together, and connect us in ways that didn’t seem possible. It was truly therapeutic for me and for them and I cannot thank you enough for the simple reminder in regard to overall balance and the importance of creating a healthy relationship to time and in so doing to life. It was such an amazing and priceless moment!”
~ Brandyn Coe Randolph, Co-Founder Lady Savant Society


“This insightful workshop helped me to open my mind to discovering a true version of myself. Pausing is an important way to integrate balance into my life. I will be registering for the November Recoloring Time Workshop as well.”


“I didn’t know what this night would really be like, but it turned out to be one of the most relaxing and reflective evenings I have spent in awhile! I am so happy that I was a part of this workshop!”


“After a fun, insightful and relaxing evening, I am leaving this workshop with a better understanding of ways to make more time for myself.”


“The energy in the room was great! I loved all of the tips on time and the interaction between everyone. You presented a wonderful and meaningful workshop that highlighted ways to make myself a priority and better control my time. Loved the coloring!”


“This was an amazing and eye opening workshop! It really made me evaluate what the most important tasks are not only for today…but for life.”


“This workshop really made me think. There are areas of my life that I need to improve upon and take the time for myself in order to do so. This was a good mix of quiet time and calm and introspective information.”


“I realized through some of the activities that material things are really not all that important to me. This workshop made me more aware of my values and options.”


“I love that I could look at my life in a creative way. Recoloring Life is about new perspectives.”

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