I know something very personal about you – change scares you!

How many times have you been on the verge of recreating your life, or making a change, and you stopped just short of actually doing so?



It is often hard to see the label when you are stuck inside the jar! I understand where you are right now because I too have been there. Going through the motions of life but not really living life, essentially stuck! In order to pivot with purpose and conquer my own reinvention, I needed to create new habits for myself and make impactful choices based on those habits. The strategies and tools I use with my private clients to support them in refreshing their lives are based on my own research. You too can share our success!

I love to see people break through their internal dialogue and GROW! 

That is why I created…. 

So, what is keeping you from moving forward in your life?

This virtual challenge is your opportunity to take away all the excuses and reasons why not. How would it feel to not be stuck in a cycle of promises and resolutions in the coming New Year and to get a jump-start NOW on what you most want to achieve?

Imagine giving yourself permission to try something different and to make decisions that not only read well on a wish list but stick in real life? 

What is my investment?

The Reinvention Reboot Challenge is 100% FREE…it is my gift to you this holiday season

When can I start?

The Reinvention Reboot Challenge is a virtual event that starts

Monday, December 5th!

  •  The challenge runs for 5 days from 12/5-12/9
  •  Look no further than your inbox for daily access to a 2-3 minute video & worksheet
  •  Bonus Private Facebook Page for access to Randi for support, accountability and connection within the Reinvention Reboot Challenge Community

Imagine This…

  • Your perceptions and vantage points were suddenly shifted
  • You were able to fall in love with yourself and prioritize that love
  • You rethought your “why” and took action steps toward it
  • You understood how to carve out and create the story of you in real time
  • You mastered the playground of opportunities that awaits your exploration

Amid the chaos of the holiday season, I know that you need this. You are busy doing everything for everyone else and it is time to give yourself a gift! Come play with me…let’s kick up the dust on renewal and change, and position you for the success you most want in 2017…one new habit… and one new step at a time!

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