Need to de-stress?
Do you want to feel like a kid again?
Looking for a way to maximize your life, your time and your energy?

Then I have the workshops for you! Join me and be inspired to connect to your core through coaching and coloring!

The Recoloring Life Workshops are inspired by the current trend in coloring for adults. Coloring, already super chic in Europe and Australia is quickly becoming the hot, “must do” hobby in the United States! Coloring is the “new book club.” Coloring transports us away from our high tech lives and deposits us in our past, when life was a bit simpler. Faced with a black and white drawing and armed with colored pencils, gel pens and markers, the possibilities to add our personal touches are limitless. Once we focus on coloring, our worries seem to slip away. We reconnect to ourselves because coloring stimulates the senses, promotes calmness and refreshes our perspectives.

What makes this 3-part series of workshops unique?

  • All 3 workshops are a combination of inspirational message, coaching, interactive group activities and vision boards…PLUS coloring…all rolled into a 2-hour format!
  • You will walk away relaxed and recharged, motivated and focused.
  • Your energy and clarity will be elevated.
  • You will have the opportunity to be a part of a one-of-a-kind groundbreaking workshop series designed and written by a certified transitional coach with your needs in mind! You will connect with others, network, enjoy “me” time, a lecture, an interactive discussion and multiple activities including chic and trendy coloring!


Recoloring Life Individual Workshops

Recoloring Life:  We live our lives in multiple acts, yet we are often not ready to embrace our next steps. Together, we will discuss and explore why we are often uncomfortable with change and what is holding us back from new experiences and relationships. We will identify pathways toward reconnecting you to you! There will be an interactive activity as well as a coloring circle designed to ease participants out of “being stuck” and open the door to the possibilities of change in their lives.

Recoloring Time:  If our relationship to time is stressed, our relationship to life is stressed. The “busy” syndrome that so many of us own in our day-to-day keeps us away from experiencing and living in the moment we are actually in. My discussion will be hallmarked by a look at what makes us so busy and how we can better manage our time, unclutter our lives and feel less overwhelmed. The interactive activity and the coloring circle will emphasize the power of living with a “today” mentality, focusing on the process of creating small, actionable steps toward positive action.

Recoloring Energy: We all perceive the world through various filters and everything we do, every thought we have, has either positive or negative energy attached to it. Our level of consciousness in regard to our energy is directly related to our actions. We will examine the 7 Levels of Energy and how shifting our consciousness to increase our energy and overall effectiveness helps us to optimally manage our lives. The interactive activity and the coloring circle will explore the Levels of Energy and the effects of color and coloring in our lives.

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